Skid Steer Loader

Various models of the SKID STEER LOADER have been sold throughout the world. Don’t forget you can request your own BESPOKE skid steer loader, we look forward to manufacturing another version in the future.

Built on the worldwide success of its proven predecessor the new skid steer loader offered many new exciting features:

 Strong powerful robust machine with upto 30 HP engine
 Capable of powering anchor drives 
 Optional Self leveling arm for horizontal lifting of pallets etc 
 Remote control option
 Hydraulic Power Take Off HPTO with oil cooler and fan to power attachment

The picture on the left shows the fabrication, if you know of a local welder you can have this completed quickly.  With our plans showing how to finish the product and a supplier price list  to buy off the shelf components or save even more money by purchasing used/reconditioned.  Our packages are offered with technical support via emails and telephone calls to ensure a smooth build process.

These machines were first made by Powerfab in the 1980’s the design has proven that they are reliable, robust and versatile machines. Whats more as this loader is less than 750kg it can be towed on its own removable suspension axles behind a car or van. (design optional extra)

It has many attachments including earth drills, grapples, forks, brush, digging arm and loading buckets (designs optional)

Hire and rental companies like them as you can quickly get back the costs of the machine

The video shows the machine in action.