Distributors wanted worldwide for our digger and loader KITS. Be your own BOSS!




We have built mini excavators since the 1980’s and sold them around the world.

We also offer starter KITS for a good strong basic digger or loader to get people who enjoy a project up and running with their own machine. We help ensure a smooth build process that allows you to source used parts and weld the machine yourself saving money and allowing you to do as much of the project as you desire with an option to purchase parts from us if required.

This helps people get a foot on the ladder and become their own BOSS. We can help you build your own mini excavator. With your own machine you can:-

* Offer landscaping services

* Hire your machine to local builders

* Earn SALES commission demonstrating your machine and referring customers to Powerfab

* Profit from on going support and product improvements/accessories

This would suit people that have DIY skills and can weld or know of a local welder. Note this advert item is NOT for the complete machine.

For additional costs:-

If you want something bespoke we will be able to create with you an optimal solution, a customised excavator that will take into account the specificities you require. We offer a service that encompasses the following mechanical expertise:

* 3D Modelling and Design of your bespoke excavator

* Mechanical concept to your specification digging depth, narrow access, accessories

* Steel starter Kits for ease of final fabrication and assembly

* KITS require basic welding no machining

* Parts from online suppliers in your country for easy return if faulty

* Technical support through build with how to step by step video and telephone support

Take the first step to having your own mini excavator and buy the starter KIT today!
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