360 Spider KIT



You can utilise the expertise of POWERFAB by entrusting us with your project, as complex or singular as it may be.

We can help you build this mini spider excavator with full 360 degree slew We will be able to create with you an optimal solution of customised equipment that will take into account the specificities of your sector of activity.

This mini excavator has a unique proven slewing system:

360 degree slewing
 Dig over wheels using feet as rear anchors to achieve good digging force
 Walk around on site using digging arm
 Lightweight so can be towed behind quad bike across rough terrain
 Removable powerpack can be placed outside for digging indoors
 Built in suspensions so can be legally towed on road
 Hydraulic Power Take Off HPTO with oil cooler and fan to power attachments
 Can be remote control for demolition work

This package is for a steel kit available for viewing by appointment only. We deliver kits worldwide  please email delivery address for quotation


Don’t be deceived by its size, thats its biggest asset! In the design of this 360 mini excavator we incorporated all the durability, cost effectiveness and practical requirements an operator needs when he is stuck in a corner. Fitting though a garden gate or a doorway of a house, this versatile 360 swing excavator can access and operate in confined areas.

When on site the machine uses its hydraulic excavating arm to pull itself forward, backwards or side to side. When in its digging position, and as it is 360 degree slew it can then dig over its wheels and utilise the rear spades as anchors resulting in a very good tearout force. Also as it is on wheels and is light it does not damage the turf like tracked machines. It is ideal for self build homes, farmers, landscapers, plumbers and contractors.

The machine can fit into the back of small van for transport or it has a towing option (optional extra) with suspension so can be towed on the road or over rough terrain to remote locations by a quad bike or 4WD. No need for an expensive trailer.

Its specification is a torquey 10 Kw engine, its rear anchors allows a 1 ton bucket tearout force, its digging depth is 1.5m
Levers on the side so no controls in front obstructing the operators view of the dig. Wheels move inside for narrow access e.g. house doorway. Electric start engine with optional hydraulic oil cooler to power hydraulic breakers, augers etc

Choice of levers at front or side/Choice of bonnets

The specification can be changed to suit your application.


With this kit the slewing hub has been machined and all the other metal parts will be cut to size including the digging arm and chassis (see pictures 3).

This kit will allow you to save money, there will also be drawings. pictures and plans to help you assemble.

As well as supplying the drawings and showing how to assemble we also provide a list of the suppliers for all the main off the shelf parts you need such as hydraulic cylinders, valve block, engine etc. They are all off the shelf and can be bought online, we can give you internet links to the actual items, this way you are buying direct from the suppliers and saving money, or you can choose to source second hand and save more, parts will cost around £1000 depending upon options.

Here are the top ten reasons to buy this machine

1. Don’t be deceived by its size, thats its biggest asset! Fitting though a garden gate or a doorway of a house, this versatile 360 can access and operate in confined areas.

2. This product offers a unique 360 degree slew which is cost saving. The kits we supply show in detail how the slew is machined and how to assemble so you will easily assemble the machine or if you want us to supply some or all of the fabricated part such as the slew and you make the simple box section for the chassis and digging arm then email us for a price.

3. It can be towed by a car, ATV or even a light garden tractor.

4. The spades at the back act like anchors and allow this mini excavators to dig very effectively and have powerful, high performance specification.

5. It is so light you can push it around like a wheel barrow. It is ideal for landscapers where you dont want to damage the turf.

6. Building your own mini excavator will give you a feeling of pride and accomplishment plus you save money by doing all your excavating and landscaping projects yourself.

7. You can make money doing work for others, your mini excavator will pay for itself fast.

8. This mini excavator is designed to give years of rugged service, with replaceable pins and bushes and grease fittings. Maintaining the mini excavators are designed to be quick and easy, a few shots of grease and an occasional oil change is all that’s required.

9. Kit built around you and to your specification If you don’t have a lot of fabricating experience, you can still build a mini excavator. Our plans are 3D CAD. If you want us to manufacture a particular part we can or you can give the drawings of the box sections to your local steel supplier who can cut the box sections to length and utilise a local welder to help you with your project.

10. We give you the specification of all the parts which are off the shelf! Also you could save a lot of money buying a second hand used parts such as a hydraulic power pack which incorporates the engine, pump, oil cooler and other parts.