4WD Mini Excavator

Various models of the 4WD excavator have been sold throughout the world. Don’t forget you can request your own BESPOKE 4WD excavator we look forward to manufacturing another version in the future

The Powerfab 4WD offers features and innovations not found on other wheeled or tracked mini excavators. The chassis is built to allow narrow access (will fit through the doorway of a house), deep digging ability and 360 degree slew. It has a patent pending unique 360 slewing device and articulated steering.  –

 Articulated steer hydrostatic drive

Dozer blade has reversible side plates which can be also used as rear anchor when excavating (doubling tearout force)

 Optional castor type rear wheels which makes the machine highly manoeuvrable and stops damage to turf

 Hydraulic Power Take Off (HPTO) to operate accessories such as post hole borers, machine mounted breakers, concrete saws.

Digs 5-6′ Depth
8′- 10′ Reach
7′ Loading Height
2600lb – 3000lb Ripping Power
2000 psi Operating Pressure
120 Degree Lateral Swing
8 HP Engine
14″ Bucket